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PERFECT story for this topic. I was reading along feeling greatly entertained and somewhat like a character in the story...esp. with this part:
"Which books are you getting?"
"I want them all, but for sure I’m getting Best Mom Now."
"I’ve got that one. It’s wonderful. I think I’m getting 10 Things Your Mom Never Told You."

Then you had to come along and put that twist at the end. That really packed some punch. Great job!
Right on the money. I suspected things might not be what they seemed, but your choice of ending was still a surprise. Good job.
Very good story. Right on topic!
Ooooh - good! Just the right story for this topic. Great twist too.
I suspect this is the case with very public 'advice' figures more often than we are aware. Excellent take on the topic.
Oh - great story. Sad, pathetic Dr. Maggie, but nicely written story. Made me think about all the people who idolize public figures just because they're famous.
Beautiful illustration on this week's topic. The ending was perfect.
I didn't see the ending coming. Good illustration of the topic, and well -written.
Well!!!! We know why this story is in Masters!!!
An absolutely perfect illustration for this proverb. Your writing flows so well, and is so easy to read. The dialogue is spot on. Great job.
Spot on topic. Very creative. I loved the reactions of the ex hub and child the best, if thats who they were. Another masterful entry. God bless.
Yep, you nailed it! So sad that this is too often the case in celebrity status. I was glued to every word as you skillfully brought the whole scenario into focus. Great job!!
Very troubling--I wonder how many of our glittering Christian leaders might have similar stories!

Well-written as always--you're a superb "show-er."
Wow! Well written story with great dialogue and that surprise ending. Excellent, excellent!
Excellent writing... and the ending was perfect - all who glitter aren't necessarily gold. Loved this!
To heck with the title, the story is AWESOME! You did a wonderful job with this Kristen! Very surprise twist at the end, I didn't see that one coming.
This story "glittered" to the very end. I guess even glitter casts a dark shadow of pain.
Wow! I wonder what the title of the husband's book would be? Awesome writing.
Since the topic itself does much to give away our endings, I can't say I was surprised, but enjoyed the ride with the consumate actress. Oh, that she would be exposed. Perhaps in a future story?
You bring your characters to life with your vivid descriptions and dialogue. I felt part of the scene. Excellent job!
Wow. This is really good. I didn't have a clue that Dr. Maggie would turn out like that, I thought that maybe she had a perfect life, but couldn't get along with her family. The ending is sad, but it fits the topic. Good job! ^_^
Didn't see that ending coming at all, but the story is all too true. So many times those that give us their wisdom practice it not at all. It makes you wonder what price success? Great job.
You hit the essence of the proverb perfectly with you wonderful story. I always entoy your descriptions. Great writing.
Wonderful ending. I knew there would be a twist, but that one caught me by surprise.
It makes you wonder, doesn't it, how many times people who are in the public neglect their own families first and foremost. Great characterizations-the dialogue right down to the actions.
I was right there with the conference goers. Figured the end might show them the seedy side of the how to queen who lost it. Great!
Congratulations on your EC and your 2nd place!!!! Just what the doctor ordered! :)
Congratulations on your much deserved EC, Kristen. This was one of my favorites.
Congrats! You made a great point...well done!
Great win! Great story, I enjoyed it.
Congratulations on your EC, Kristen! Yay!!
I'm late jumping in here but I just wanted to congratulate you. It was a great story and the award is certainly well deserved.
Woo hoo!
Great writing! Congratulations on your win.
Congrats on your EC. Excellent job once again! God bless.
Congratulations on your EC placing.
Congratulations on your EC.

Fantastic twist.
***Congrats Kristen!***
Kristen -- This is perfect! Congrats on your EC!
Congrats, Kristen - awesome job!. :) Cat