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Great—and your ending is priceless!
This was so much fun to read. Love the MC's voice - and all the details about her cooking dilemma. Great line about how it's not like she was leaving out an onion. LOL. Very satisfying read from title to final sentence.
OK, so is this supposed to make me laugh or cry? This is MY life!

"Excuse me, sir?" I used my best manners and flashed a friendly smile. I didn’t bat my eyelashes, a technique I would have used in my single days. "I’m having trouble finding the shallots and capers. Could you point me in the right direction?"

From realistic beginning to "lacey" ending, this one is a well-written gem. LOVE it!
well done. Beneath the chuckles, you touched on such important lessons as not over-reacting to a joke, (or perhaps being more careful with our jokes,) and our tendency to try and blame others for our own real/perceived inadequacies.
Very entertaining and well written. The ending is perfect. Thumbs up.
What a hoot! I enjoyed every dtail, and serving the meal in lingerie sealed the deal.
Your opening phrase grabbed me, and I was hooked till the end. Love the humor, the lingerie distracting husband from the food, the 4 ingredients cookbook (I have a 6 ingredients cookbook and I LOVE it.) The confidence of her mother, vs the disdain of the mil - everything was great. SUPER job!
I just love your voice, and your sense of humor is on the dry side of way-cool. The pace of the story, per usual for you, is perfect. Excellent job; one of my favs of yours. Makes me wish my wife didn't know how to cook salmon.
Oh, and thanks for the kind comment on my "stinker".
God bless.
LOL! You have such a unique way of describing domestic "bliss", it's a joy to read your entries every week. That is one blessed hubby, and I hope he knows it! Love the MC and her little flaws. (William's comment cracked me up-the wish of every husband, I'm sure.(; )
Utterly charming! I really like your voice--your writing is so appealing to the chick lit crowd. Love it.
This is very funny. You're so good at putting the reader right in the middle of the scene.

We both wrote about cooking failures this week -- guess all those cooking shows and fancy cookbooks aren't turning all of us into gourmet chefs. :)

Great illustration of the topic.
Why, oh why didn't I think of that?! Great story for this topic and a fun read, too. :-)
Very funny. I like the way you hold back on declaring the obvious.
Heehee! I am still chuckling over this one! I love the trip to the grocery story hunting for capers! Lol. As for shallots, well, I'd lend your MC a handful from my window garden, but I kinda like them a lot. This was great with making the character real with touches like, the diamond ring, and the 4 ingredient cookbook. Very nice! ^_^
This one totally made me smile. Haven't we all been there? Great work.
This is great! You had me laughing... :-) You're quite talented at writing with humor!
Yes...excellent for the topic...wonderfully told! Great ending!
Ah, yes, that would have been a very effective distraction. And the ending is just perfect. And three years? Patient guy!
"I headed home, feeling defeated, without the shallots... It wasn’t like leaving out an onion or anything."

What a cracker! Wonderful story.
Cooking since I was 10 years old, I've tried to teach many gals like your MC. I was so curious about the ingredients she was perplexed over... then cracked-up laughing over the revelation because I love cooking with capers! Great story.
You hooked me and reeled me in like a salmon. I absolutely loved this story!
This is a priceless story. I had so many of the same kind of experiences. You really brought the topic to life.
I loved this and being a NON-cook wife myself for 20 some years, I could relate to this. My husband would tease that for dinner we were having shake n' burn chicken!!