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Hee hee...I think I know who wrote this...and I can empathize! I wouldn't take the "partially obstructed view seats" either. Can you imagine having to sit behind a pole for a whole game? You make me long for spring training, and sun, and warmth! Just right for this topic.
Interesting take on the topic. Go ahead...take the seats. You can sell them later if you don't want them.
Fun and creative - enjoyed this. At first I thought you'd be shopping the day after Thanksgiving or something - but this sounds realistic. Cute.
I liked this story very much, and it was a good illustration of the topic. This is a line I relate to: This was a big day, and my emotions were flip-flopping from excitement to dread.

Great picture!
Good story! I enjoyed the preparation she made for the "big event!" (I wouldn't have taken the tickets either!)
I like the mis-direction at the beginning, and the double entendre of the title
(smile) I think the plural is "mice"...although is sounds funny to me, too.
I think it would have been a stronger ending if you stopped earlier.
good writing
Clever, light, and fun--my favorite bit was your warmup...really cute!
Oh no! I don't even know what I would have done. This was a great example for the topic. I see the point about ending it earlier, but I like the "here we go again" ending.
ROFL! I was laughing out loud here at this. The humor inside is just the boost I needed for today. I like the light dialouge and especially the detailed preparation for this transaction. A favorite of mine this week! ^_^
This is such a fun piece and right on topic. Loved it.