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Good story with a great last line. "No more catapults." Maybe we should put that one up over the doors of our churches.
ROFL! That last line is a real kicker! (Like the title!) I loved the fairy-tale feel and the lesson which is very tongue-in-cheek. Great job.
Very entertaining. This would make a great children's book (that adults would love) especially illustrated with flying people and bandaged foreheads. A top-seller!
Imagination at work here provided an interesting story that proved the proverb.
Very well done—imagination and a whopping good message, too.
I've got to go along with everyone else on this one--light touch, perfect for the topic, and with a subtle, non-preachy message. And yes, the last line is perfection. This should do well.
Clever and fun - and I also LOVE the last line. I would love to see this illustrated.
This was soooo good. Very funny and a very good message!
I thoroughly enjoyed this creative, fairytale approach to the topic.
A great message in this fun piece. God IS more interested in us doing what is right and good (love one another) than in telling us what NOT to do. The last line left me with a huge smile.
Wow, my imagination has been jolted this morning. This is filled with creativity AND a great message. Excellent piece!
Loved the wry humor throughout this and the obvious message that calling otu to God first would have made everything so much easier.
The first 2/3 with the king's edicts sounds like something out of a middle school classroom (mine anyway). Love the imagery of the people being catapulted. Great message. This would be great for youth leaders.
Very creative. It clearly illustrates that running from/covering up a problem changes nothing.
I absolutely loved this piece. Ditto what everyone else has said. Just terrific!
Love it!! You're a master of creative humor for sure! Thanks for the smile tonight!!
Wow, that is just an absolute crack-up. I could visualize people flying through the sky over the heads of others. And the punchline was just perfect.
Fun! Love this piece that's entertainng, but still delivers a message. Kudos.
Ok, I'm dating myself here, but this reminds me of the cartoon fables with the moral at the end I used to watch in the sixties. I can even "hear" the voice-over guy and see the sixties-style cartoon people flying through the air. Love this story! It's so imaginative.
I loved this piece, and the last line is perfect! I don't know why, but I think of Calvin and Hobbes with this piece, and when God delivers the last line, Calvin scowls and kicks the dirt. It was great!
That last line was perfect! I enjoyed the fairy tale setting and the lesson--great! :-)
First of all, I think I've lived in that land "far, far away" where all those townfolk were catapulted to : ) I really enjoyed your take on this subject and found in tongue-in-cheek funny.
But, most of all I enjoyed the wise message at the end.
This is a wonderful piece that catapults the imagination! It reads like a skit....or a play!
Thank you for that wonderful article.May the Lord bless you and keep up with the good work,
Love sent,