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Ouch. I say that because it really makes me think after reading this. An excellent example and message-the descriptions were so real, I felt as if I knew some of these characters already. The ending was great-really different.
Great writing and message, put me in the mind of CS Lewis' "The Screwtape Letters"
That last paragraph nailed it—the coffin that carries our hypocrisy, that is. Good job.
A real eye opener. It quickly became apparent that Satan was in the church via the MC's attitude, and not via all the people she was criticizing.
Very clever - and she hasn't a clue. Much to think about - you certainly got me in more areas than I'd like to mention.
Ah, I am thinking slivers in everyone's eye while he/she's hoisting a mote around! So clever, and SO on the mark.
I can see all different sides to this story. I appreciated this.
Very creative and too true in too many cases. It really makes one stop and think, "Lord, give me a loving, uncritical heart."
Oh yeah, little does she know.... I saw the end coming right away, but it didn't stop me from enjoying this very much. Well done.
Simply excellent, Sheri! So many wince-worthy phrases, and opportunities to examine oneself...good job, girlfriend.
Yeah - I saw where this one was going and winced a bit myself. Something in there to make everybody squirm. ;-) Love it.
Awesome my friend! Congrats on the EC!!!

If we could all only see what's in OUR hearts we wouldn't worry about others, would we? Great MC and great lesson!
Honest, realistic thoughts in this MC's head! And how many times do we do this to each other? She hasn't a clue what it all means, but having that "special" visitor sit beside her should be a wake-up call. But she doesn't even realize who he is. We excuse this behavior in ourselves, but we sure don't in others. Great job! Congratulations!
Your story really points out how we can get so busy finding fault with others and totally miss our own. You did a fantastic job writing this. I loved it!
As my uncle use to say, "Ain't it the truth!"

I have seen all of the people you describe and probably been all of them as well at one time or another. Great artilce.
Excellent, excellent message! I'm checking out the beam in my eye on this one. Well deserved win with this. Thanks!
This is well written with humor and so to the point-grin. Thank you for submitting this. Each of us, one time or another, probably have pointed a finger or fussed over petty things. May we nail our critical ways and anything that would hinder us to the cross and let Christ shine through with His new mercies and lovingkindness. Praise The Lord!:0) Thx again. God bless you.:0))))
This article is humbling. I can so relate. My eye still manages to see all those things even with a plank in it. As my grandmother said last week, "sure, honey, the devil goes to church. He looks to take their souls from God." Even in the smallest ways he can be destructive. This article is a good ministering tool to ward off the destroyer.
Kinda knew where this was going from the third paragraph yet almost missed the irony at the end. which... made me think. Well done.