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I like your line about not taking the quizzes personally unless it's your 'time of the month' -- too funny, too true:) Very good writing and you're right about the spiritual gifts quizzes -- they are very enlightening!
For me personally most quizzes tend only to bring out ambivalence - I have too many "on the other hands." I did however enjoy your story and felt you made some excellent points and your writing was super. Thanks for sharing your heart.

btw the exception is I do like right brain/left brain quizzes.
The quiz idea was a clever way to introduce the topic. You represented both the gifts and your own heart well.
This made me laugh out loud! Sounds like my kind of 'monthly ritual' to take a quiz here and there then wonder about the results. I loved how you made this an active part of the story. It flowed well and nicely. Good job. (Your title was hilarous too!)
Yes, I've been in those shoes-something terribly awful and yet...God's hope and light glimmers underneath all the dark pain. It DOES bring strength and faith. I really like this entry, and the humor that's spread through the quiz. And what a lengthy quiz that was, too! Don't know if I would ever finish one that long!
A very creative approach. I love the blending of a bit of humor with very important truths. Wonderful!
I laughed out loud when you wrote about the "fun part"--transferring the numbers...we're definitely kindred spirits! But then you got me with a "gulp" at the ending. This story has it all.
This was such a fun read. I really enjoyed it.
Sounds like she was trying to "fix" the test. LOL. This reminded me of the fella I was sitting next to when I last took one of these quizzes at church. (total, total, total, what?!) Sometimes the gifts are surprise packages.
Ahhh, Shari ... this was a great entry. I'm glad you're in Masters now, your writing is wondeful!
Creative approach to the topic, using a questionarie, but 98+ questions - I don't think I could have made it through it. Loved the humor too.