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Love it! How great it is to have friends who love us just the way we are, and you recognize our value in spite of the "messes."
Great story about how we perceive ourselves and others.

Looks like you found the laptop. ;)

Domestic disaster!!! Loved it. Great pace and reader interest. Overall, Superb! God bless.
These women are SO real - excellent characterization. A perfect story for this topic.
I love this story, and I let out a chuckle at the last line. Great job!
I thought maybe you wrote this. You have an anointed, unique voice and an honest, crisp presentation when you write. Great job once again. God bless.
You had me wondering about this confession. :) Fun story! Great work on this!
Oh, I knew there was a reason I always love your writing--we're secret sisters! I'm a mess, too--always have been, always will be (guess what? it doesn't get any better when your kids are grown and gone...) Thanks for this endearing and encouraging story.
This is a womnderful story we can all relate to. Well done!
LoL! Wouldn't it be nice if we could pick our strengths and weaknesses? Being a mess isn't so it? :-)
Great job! You made these women real with the descriptions you gave. Hugs!
Oh, praise the Lord for those encouraging sisters (and brothers) in Christ. I can see this story is written from the heart. And you've captured the essence in the all the details for those of us who deal with the same "domestic disasters" -- great line, by the way. This is a thoroughly enjoyable and encouraging piece. Great job.
Wow, I love your MC! Great job, as always.
Hee-hee. It's funny how we think we're hiding our true selves from people, and they know anyway! Good story, and good characters. You always make me smile.
My only word for this story is "Sweet". What a neat circle of friendship. I loved the last line best of all though. Great job!
Proof positive why confession is good for the soul. I enjoyed this and could certainly identify with what was being said. Great job showing the interaction among the friends.
This is so cute. I love the casual voice, and I can really relate to the Dr Pepper addict. I'm one, too. Nicely done.
I love the MC in the story and how she was so honest about her weaknesses. Very touching story!
Wonderful example of Christian encouragement in operation. And very realistic. So many that encourage others are discouraged by their own faults. This article 'encourages' them to look beyond that.
Kristin I sure thought I had commented on this one but I see I didn't. I really loved it and I'm sure I must have been distracted by something just as I was about to poke the REVIEW/CRITIQUE ARTICLE!box. See, I'm a mess too. Boy is it great to have such talented company in my misery!