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I like this very much. A powerful message from a very creative take on the topic. Nice job.
Good read. We sometimes don't know if little seeds we planted will bloom, but how nice when we see proof that they did.
Beautiful sentiment and a touching show of the continuing presence loved ones have in life.
There is so many things here worthy of comment, so many lessons being taught. I love the idea that the seeds that she once planted are now seeds planted in her. Well done.
Wow--what an excellent, out-of-the-box entry! Love it!
I could literally see Mrs. Lester and where she was. I would like to read more and find out what happened to your MC. This has the beginnings of a much longer story. Good read.
A wonderful lesson is given in your powerful story.
You kept me completely engaged from beginning to end. This would make an excellent first chapter or two-part story. I'd love to know how it all works out.
Your story touched my heart. I know someone who reacted the same as your MC to a divorce.

You did a wonderful job with this, I really felt like I was right there in that bar with them.
Great story-telling here. Especially love the heart of the message behind it:
God looks at your character, not your circumstances.
Perfect title. I suspect we will be surprised when we arrive in heaven and find how many seeds have been planted in people's lives through Sunday School. And I love the way you twisted it around to bring the MC back to face reality. The seed planting is going in both directions in this story!
You are such a wonderful story teller. Never expected to have a Sunday School entry set in a bar but you made it work!
Wow. This is a really cool article! I just submitted my first entry last week in the beginners area and figured the only way to improve would be to read the masters :) I have a long way to go, but I'm thankful for such high quality examples!
What a great quote, "God looks at your character, not your circumstances" I want to remember that too! Wonderful writing Kristen!
I love this approach to the topic - I was completely engaged from beginning to end. The end is just right - I'm glad you didn't give us a "neatly-wrapped package" - this is definitely more thought-provoking.
I enjoyed the creative bravery of the concept.Other than being a tad predictable, you delivered your storyline expertly. I liked the Title, and congrats for stretching. God bless.
Who would've thought a Sunday school story could take place during 'Happy Hour'! What a reminder of just how important Sunday school is!! Good job!
What a great way to put this:

unhappy that Happy Hour

It makes it all so clear and fits in well with the whole story. I really liked this story, one of my favs. Good writing!
Oh I forgot to mention, I like the title too. Sometimes we forget the seeds we plant. I sometimes see the "flower" which have grown from the seeds I planted in the youth group I use to lead! Blessings on your writing, God smiles!
One of the greatest challenges is living up to our own epistles. This could hardly have been presented better. Isn't it great too, that our students can boomarang back to us, reminding us that we are still in the game and that it is hardly ever over. Great job!
Wonderful! We never know the impact our words have on someone else ... if we could only heed our own advice.