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This is hysterical and, oh, so right on! A wonderful story of true women's fellowship within the body of Christ..all the drama, all the candid conversations, and--yes--all the fun. Excellent story. Very true to life. Great writing.
OK - this is VERY creative! I never would have thought to approach the topic this way, but you pulled it off AMAZINGLY. I love that your Christians were completely and totally human - and that THAT was what drew Gloria to them. Just great.
I've read some things this week that are off the charts! Flatulence, stripper poles, and I believe an enema was talked about:) What has FW come to? LOL!! This was very funny. Sounds like a baby shower like no other!
Great ending.
As the first man to comment on this story, all I can say is that in my experience men’s meetings are much more staid and tedious! Unless you are into sports statistics, that is.
Actually I was nearly put off the story by the very first sentence. My eyes lighted on the word ‘pornography’ and my first thought was to move on quickly. The Internet is so awash with such filth that the casual reader could easily jump to the wrong conclusion.
Finally..a story that reflects the reality of todays Christian woman. I think it is refreshing, frank, and very funny. I know that Christian fiction has stricter standards than secular fiction but does it have to be so B-O-R-I-N-G!!!!
If people wrote stories that related to life instead of how June Cleaver wished it was in the Ozzie and Harriet household I would read Christian fiction. Great Job and thanks for keeping it real!
fun! finally! great job - yeah and real too :)
This was a hoot. Unfortunately, we have a couple of older ladies in our congregation that would frown on this sort of thing. However, they weren't invited. ;0).
This was fun, and real, and wonderful. Thank you.
Hey, I got to look up a word I will probably never use in a conversation on the Links, and read a very well written story, for women, yes, but I enjoyed it too, as soon as I was able to forget the meaning of the word I just looked up :). In fact once wife pronounced it for me, I knew what it was, but still probably won't use it. Great job. God bless.
Yep. I go to a church where 90% of the women are 30 and under...need I say more? Our last Women's night out included some VERY interesting conversation! I couldn't even tell my husband some of what was discussed, so this is very realistic to present day Christian women. They are infinitely more open and honest with their lives. (Especially when the guys are at home.)
Outstanding!!! As always...
ROFL! This was so hilarious! I laughed through it to the end and was so happy that Gloria had a good time afterall. This is a great piece, excellent writing! ^_^
I've heard stories, but never really knew what went on at these affairs - and now I know...and you all aren't all that different after all. : )
Great story and message.
I'm with William on learning a new word. I usually try to go through the day and use a new word in my daily conversations. I don't think I'm going to go there with that one.

This was definitely a unique approach to the topic, but I love the way your mind works outside of the box. Good job.
Oh dear, I was in stitches reading this. Even had to look up 'episiotomy' and, ah, ouch! And the pole? What a riot. I can just imagine a bunch of ladies teasing each other like this. And what a wonderful presentation for a bunch of Christians to relax with each other like this. Makes me envious. I wonder how many would feel free enough to do so? The words "It's just not British" spring to mind. (Sorry, my heritage...)
Awesome. ;-) Remarkable presentation. A write worth reading. (Please prescribe this for all those who go through bouts of depression). Thank you for sharing such humor, and insight into Christian real life. Praise God ! You pulled it off beautifully at the end.
Yes, Congrats.. you earned it.
Congratulations on your EC. This story is hysterical. I love it. And great writing, as always.
I love it! I happen to know a few people like Gloria. Fortunately, I know even more people like the "churchies." Too fun!

Congrats on your EC placing. This one is so well deserved (not that the others aren't - LOL)
To quote Lawrence Welk, "Wunerful, wunerful, wunerful!" (you probably don't remember him. :) This is great Kristen! Congratulations!
This is so funny! And creative! And well-written.

I can't think of a better way to draw the non-Christian women of today into the church than to let them see Christian women enjoying each other's company in good humor. I like that you were brave enough to 'keep it real.' Great stuff.