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Through the discovery of dusty journal entries, the mystery of the father's wasted life unfolds into the mystery of redemption...His cautious son pulls down the generational strongholds of fear by proposing to his love on the spot at Dad's funeral--GREAT STUFF! Wonderful, skillfully crafted, loved it--lesson learned, lady won. Bravo!
Through the pages of a dusty journal, you created a marvelous story. Great job. I'm glad she said "yes."
Intriguing. It is curious that some we hold at a cold distance, we at last draw close to see if we can find the answer to why. The discovery makes us aware of how in common we are and how Christ can make such a difference.
I love how you started in one place and brought it full circle. Too much back-story sometimes takes away from the piece, but yours only added to it. This was propelling and well-written... with two great endings too! Bravo!
APPLAUSE---well done
Enjoyed this very much - love the ending. A charming, heartwarming piece.
I was afraid you were going to leave us hanging! I'm glad you added that first journal entry. You crafted this story well.
This is great. I had to laugh at the proposal at the funeral. How odd, but I've seen odder.

Good job on the feelings and intergrating the journal into the memories.

I love the journal format in your story. It fills in the gaps without telling the reader everything at once. I like discovering bits and pieces of the MC's story, and his father's relationship to him, through the entries.
Love it--at first I was appalled at the idea of a proposal at a funeral, but after reading the journal entries--it was just right! Really strong entry.
This was wonderful. The journal entries "made up" for the awkward proposal at the beginning. And his 1st journal entry was great. :) I'm so glad he found the journal and knew of his father's future.
This piece shines a light on your storytelling ability, as well as your massive creativity. I love the structure of it, and the very last line made my heart leap. Absolutely awesome job. Good luck!!
Perfect male POV. Clever story and well written.
Your first line hooked me -- and then your powerful message kept me reading. Too often I let fear keep me from living life. Your story is a great example of that lesson. Good job with the topic.
This was a great story. A different take on fearful. Nice writing.
This is wonderful! You tied everything together, moved the story along without bogging it down and made us cheer. Great job! Oh! and I loved it!! :-) Hugs!
Loved the unique style of using the journal. Very creative. Great writing and a good lesson all in one.
This was a very creative idea: to tell a story within a story. We got two stories at once here! I find it fascinating that you often can't judge a book by its cover. Often we think we know our parents, then we find some letter they wrote and realize that they, too, were multi-dimensional. You've got a lot of talent. Keep it up!
This was wonderful! I loved it!
Wonderful plot and resolution here! I really enjoyed your story! It makes me wish I could find a journal belonging to some of my relatives! Your MC learned so much from his father's writings, and it reminds me not to be hasty in judging others. GREAT job! :)
Umm...hmmm... I don't quite know what to say. Every word I think of of doesn't quite fit this well done piece. This is very, very good.