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I really thought she had lost her mind — you convinced me all the way. What a relief! And the ending was perfect. Great job.
I'm laughing. Not only do you have the reader following the MC through, frowning, also trying to figure out what's going on...loved the mystery, by the way...but the details of the very human ways she tries to explain things. The references to armpits and nose really made me giggle. Good story, great writing.
Delightful!!!!!!!!!!! Loved the surprise for the MC and for us.. I thought I was losing my mind WITH HER! Twilight zoney.. and the twist at the end was priceless.. I SO hope this was a true story! Good one!
This story was a riot! The suspense, the confusion....and, with the nose and armpit images...oh, the humanity! Nice story. Good job letting us into the mind of the main character. Neat surprise at the end. It's a roller coaster ride of confusion and I felt like I was in the front car. Fantastic!
Oh, what fun! I LOVED the MC's voice. Just delightful, and I LOVE the last line!
This is hilarious! And, if this were a true story, I'd be soooo impressed that the husband was able to pull off a surprise like this, even if it was a bit early! I'd forgive him in a heartbeat, especially since he HIRED someone to clean the house-wow. Your characterizations were perfect and the mini mystery feel was such fun. I enjoyed sleuthing around with you on this adventure.
Very good story. I enjoyed reading it. I was beginning to be confused, but you ended it nicely.
I love it! I had an inkling of what might be happening, but it only made it more fun to read.

My favorite part...when her husband got the birthdays mixed up! Classic.
Love it, love it. A good ending would have left it at the party and the MC feeling relieved. A great ending was yours because you gave us that twist. You belong in Masters!
It's perfect! Excitment (and confusion) throughout! You done good! :)
I loved your story. I didn't have a clue! I was just feeling sorry for her. I had read a number of stories about people with dementia and thought she must be one, too. I'm thinking this will place.
I was beginning to wonder about your MC until you revealed it was her husband that was confused instead of her. This is a fun read, and a creative take on the topic.
This was so much fun to figure out. The cleaning lady hint was the best. :)

Well done again! (I don't want to hear another complaint!) :-P
Well, you had me going there! I loved the ending--what a neat spin to put on it and explain it all too. :-)
You pulled me along and got me thinking she had lost her mind too! I love the nice twist in the ending. Bravo!
What a sweet light hearted story. I figured out what was happening when the grandmother picked up the kids, and if a cleaning lady comes to my house, I hope she doesn't run away. Liked the added touch of the husband being confused as well. Very well done.
If your goal of confusion was to confuse me, you accomplished it 100%! This was an awesome story. You are a very good writer and I too think you deserve the title of Master! Great job!
Thanks for the smile today. I needed it. Great, entertaining writing!
Great writing and a really fun story. Nice and refreshing to have a humorous entry for a serious topic.
LOL! As soon as I read the last line (what a kicker!) I couldn't help thinking what a sweet story! I'm so glad that she didn't really lose her mind after all. Good job! ^_^
Great story, kept me going until the end. Very good ending.
I was wondering how you would unravel the tangle your MC had got herself in, and you did it superbly. Very satisfying finale too, although I can relate to the husband very well.
This one sparkles delightfully all the way through.
I wondered what was going on! Sounds like he's as bad with dates as my husband. Congratulations on your EC!
Congratulations on a well-deserved win. See how good you look in Masters?
Kristen, I hope you're working on the book proposal, girl! You have a rare and much needed gift in Christian writing - laughter and authenticity! You pack a powerful punch! Congrats and thank you!!
Congratulations on your EC. You had me hooked from the beginning, and what a great ending. Your writing is very entertaining. Good job.
I love the humor in this. I suspected where it was heading, but you added another twist with the husband! Congrats on another EC!
You did it, girlfriend! You definitely PROVED you belong in MASTERS! I loved this piece. You have such a distinct voice and excellent story-telling abilities. But I have to admit, at the end I wondered, "why didn't her friends or mother TELL her husband it wasn't her birthday?" LOL I guess it wouldn't have had the same effect, then, would it?
Excellent writing, great entry. CONGRATS on your placing. So proud of you!
Congratulations, Kristen! Great story, neat idea. I was wondering all the way through what was wrong with her! :)
Kristen, I love writings that make me laugh outloud and yours did just that:) I love your writing style.
Great resolution. I really enjoyed this.