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Entertaining, sweet, very creative. It took me until the third letter to guess where Jamie was writing from. :-) Nicely done.
Very creative! I picked up on it in the second letter, but still enjoyed it! Enjoyed the descriptions - especially going back and reading it when I "got it."
Sweet and comforting story. I hope this is exactly how all the children in heaven are feeling! Good story.
Very creative and comforting story. I really liked it.
Love the title of this! The last entry is my fave, this was so well done I could see it continuing on for several more pages. ^_^ My only note is a typo, I think you meant "Trees" instead it came out "Tress" correct? Good job though! ^_^
What a precious story. It made me wonder what letters from my husband might be like if our loved ones could send us mail. How it makes my heart yearn for home.
Well done. It was a blessing to read. It stirs the imagination of our images of eternity. Maranatha!
Loved your creativity! It truly exemplifies the theme. Wonderful!
Oh man, you got me at the end! I still have chills. Of course I had to go and read through it again. The voicing is just right, and all the little hints are perfect - they fit in for people like me who don't catch on till the end :-P, and they amplify the story on the second read through. Excellent job! Good luck!
Excellent job of writing with a kid's tone of voice... and, of course, I like the ending too. Very creative idea!
Very cool! I can't wait to join him!
This is so sweet and you have captured the child's voice perfectly. Congratulations on your first entry in Masters...excellent job.