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Boy! I was with him all the way! It did read like a scene from a movie! And I remember this time. Wow - this was great.

And sad.
Great story, and good development of your MC. My favorite line was: "waited too long for that which never came, until the waiting itself was abandoned." And the one about the mirror of the journalist's eyes. :)
Very Professional. Good flow.
The title drew me in. The story is sadly fascinating. The MC was developed well. But it was the ending that brought tears to my eyes. I had a neighbor once with an adopted child from Romania with an attachment disorder. Indeed, it takes a special home to handle that. So very well written. Masterful work of writing.
Wonderful and heart breaking. One little thing I noticed -sent/scent. But, you pulled me right in :)
Well done adventure entry on a subject that tugs at the heartstrings.
This gave me goosebumps. I liked the short, clipped sentences that really showed the character inside. The last few lines were especially poignant. Very beautiful...and well written. ^_^
WELL DONE kept my attention the whole time.
Good accounting of a serious situation.
This is amazing. You did an absolutely masterful job of portraying the reporter's gradually changing heart. This tugged at my heartstrings like no other entry I've read yet this week.
Excellent writing all the way through, and the ending is spectacular.
This is a very touching story. I was moved by your words. Thank you.
Wow sure had me in the palm of your hand from beginning to end. The images are effective but also the character studies are so true-to-life!

This tore at my heart and made me think twice about my lack of personal involvement with missions that target underprivileged kids. I ache for those little ones suffering with the attachment disorder you mention tragic.
Powerful and very moving.
How can you report something of that nature and remain detached?
It stirs us into wanting to do something for the war orphans.