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Loved the title. Loved the main character set in the future. I kept thinking, "Well, some things never change!" Nothing like seeing your departed dad, set into the future! This was innovative, a fresh idea. Well done.
I loved this voice! Light hearted with a message...loved it!! :-)
Very good!
Delightful, a fun read. Loved the dialect and overall humor.

And that's all I'm gonna say. :D
Love your title! Also, I can just picture the "old codger" with the soft heart! :) I really enjoyed reading this clever (and a bit frightening!) story! Good job!
Wonderful 'atmosphere' and dialogue! It would be scary sending a child out as far as she could travel alone. Sure would like to see chapter two!

A great beginning!
I love the entries that have been able to incorporate a Christian message. That was the most difficult part of writing in the Sci-Fi genre for me, but you did a fine job! I LOVE the voice in this story - I have never been able to write in a voice like that. It is very consistent and effective. (Although it took me a minute to figure out what a furriner was). LOL Also, great title. Loved the whole thing. And you made Dub's list so you know you're doing something right!
Great dialect! Great story!
Great characters! Great message!
What a clever one! I love the dialect - and especially the juxtaposition between his "old country" style and the modern technology around him. I'm guessin' you loved writin' this one! Fun!
From the title to the last word, this is delightful in every way.
What an adorable child. i like this story, heartwarming and inspiring in the same piece. Very nice! I think this is going to be a favorite of mine. Excellent writing!
LOve the title, love the story. Great job.
Fun story! I enjoyed the way you described the little girl's eyes.
My kind of sci-fi...wonderful message!
I loved this! Such a fun and heart-warming story!
Loved this story. Well written.
Can I say Bravo? This one pulled at my heart strings. Great writing.
Great voice. This is my favorite line: "And that’s exactly why I keep to myself--to avoid blubbering females." Very well done.
Cute - loved the mc :) Loved his voice.
Way Kool. Enjoyed and was entertained. God bless.
This is innovative with fantastic dialogue and message. You make this look easy but I know the truth, you are truly a master writer!
Oh, I just love everything about your story...even if it is sci-fi (obviously not my cup of tea)! The dialog, the characters, the plot, the message, I think this has to go into my favorites. Definitely a winner in my book. I'm so glad I came looking to thank you for your comment on my own sci-fi story. I really appreciate you and your exceptional writing.