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Oh, this is so sad. But I like it! I like how you left the details out until the end, letting the reader wonder, but then answering the questions too. Great job at capturing the mom's emotions.
Some may find this a "dark story", but I find it a story of "Light." An unselfish woman who gave up something she wanted to keep( sacrificed) for another.
Beautifully written and certainly a "real life" story to many more Christian women than we know. God is good. And sometimes, the Christian life isn't always happy and perfect.The Bible has so many "dark" stories, doesn't it? A story that needed to be told, my friend.
This was a touching, moving story with a wonderful message. I like what Leigh said. We don't always get happy endings, being Christians. I was so afraid, for awhile, that this baby had been aborted. Good for her. She did the right thing instead of sweeping that baby away as if she never existed. Good work. Great story.
This is very touching. You make the reader feel this mother's pain. Excellent.
Wow! Where is the Kleenex when you need it?:0) This is so touching. Your story flowed well with beautiful descriptions and a heartwarming message of selflessness and hope. God bless your gift of writing and keep up the good work. I really like this one.:0)
I could hardly get through this one. Such a bittersweet story. How often this is the case. Love must be tough, but this cuts the heart out. Good writing.
Okay, I almost never cry, but this one just did me in. Awesome.
This can make you cry. Very well written, I love the emotions woven into this piece. The tears and the touch of the sweater with lace on the neck and cuffs was very realistic. Overall, a beautiful letter. ^_^
You clearly showed both the beauty and the pain of the mother's decision. This is a touching entry.
You really captured the emotion--all of it. Good details, too!
Absolutely heartwarming. I could so feel this woman's pain. Wonderfully told!
As a mother of two precious children, this was heartwrenching for me to read. I guess you did your job! Nice work! Blessings, Jo
I'm glad she decided on adoption, I was afraid this story was going to end with her sorry for having an abortion. So that made it a happy ending for me. :) Great job, as usual.
Beautiful, Amy! We have done this type of thing at Christmastime and through Compassion International in memory of Samara Kaye, our little girl who died of SIDS. It helps a little.

You expressed the mother's feelings perfectly. Thanks for sharing this.
You were right about needing a tissue. Great story. Well written.
Such Imagry.. Had me from the start on this one. Great job, and very emotional..
I loved everything about this from the title to the very end when we learn the truth behind the anniversary. Excellent!
Very touching - nicely done :)