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I love it. You had a quick POV shift, but great story!
A wonderful story and very well told. I loved the way you ended this piece-- realistic and satisfying. Great job!
So atmospheric and grand and wonderful. I love the rich language of this, and the wonderful images.
Aaah, some romance on FWs! You did it very nicely, without any mush thrown in to make me gag :)
I like the way you show a common bond between two people who are not yet ready to commit. This story could go anywhere from here.
Great piece of writing!
Awwwww, I love this! It's so gentle and shy, just like its protagonists. Perfect tone.
Hehe This was great. My favorite line was "
The book she had just finished was placed alongside dozens of other books that had afforded her so much for so little." " much for so little." Ir reminds me of a little saying my mom and I have about the library. We call the library "The best deal in town!"
Oh Glenn, this is beautiful. How often I have rewritten books as I read them!

And this reads like a slice from a movie - I could 'see' each moment.

A great experiment Glenn - I hope you are pleased.
This is a wonderful entry with beautiful words and images to delight the reader and get him/her involved. I like the way the characters met before they actually met each other.
This is so lovely and I can imagine another ending, just as she did. I love the ending; full of hope, yet realistic. Very good character development. Thanks for sharing - it was a treat to read.
You used such wonderful words to describe the scene - and the everyday occurance that I am sure is played out often. The story had such a tenderness to to and prefect ending that left me wanting to see how it played out.