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I really don't have words for this — it moved me to the depths. Thank you.
There is a time time for deep reflection; and what better place but in the garden where we see the cycle of life mirrored. yeggy
Next to New Years Eve, the Autumn is next is line to bring out the musings of the past. This short, sweet and to the point essay says it all...and nicely.
So masterfully created! I love the way you used the brevity of this piece to communicate the message: So, pardon me if I sit for awhile. And, so you did! So well done! :)
So few words, yet so many truths in this piece! This is a beautiful example of the power of the written word and making every word count. You took me through each season, literally and figuratively, leaving me with something to ponder today. Well done!
Yep, this is a perfect example of "an ecomony of words." The only thing I'd change is to hyphenate "life-giving" in the first paragraph. That would make it into the adjective you intended, and as it is, I read it that sentence with "giving" as the verb, and it didn't make sense.

Such beautiful serenity in every perfectly chosen word.
This really touched my heart. I can relate to the feelings in this story, and I am very glad you shared it. Nicely done!
Every word, obviously chosen so carefully, works just as it should. When I looked at the length, I anticipated telling you to expand - but once I read it, I knew this was exactly as long as it should be. Wonderful, haunting, vivid images and an unforgettable message. Wonderful!
Oooooh, I love this! Rich language...and the ending is perfect. Magnificent! I've been in this place myself: "The cold feels good and somehow exists in the marrow of my soul." It's good to hear about someone else's experience in that spot, too. :-)
A thoughtful piece. I liked the way you tied in the seasons of growth in plants to seasons faced by a person.
Nice reflective piece. I noticed one typo though: "seeds were planted and spouts made their appearance". Think you meant sprouts. :) I really liked the last lines, saying you can do no more and won't embrace this feeling forever.
Very smart and moving. I've spent a lot of time in this garden. God bless.