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Thank you for this story of redemption, and promised growth. The hope in this message will speak clearly to all who read it.

God bless,

Like the way you wove the pruning in with the Sarah's journey. So sad that most churches don't cope well when 'different' looking people turn up on their doorstep - there's a lesson for me there. Watch out for the over use of 'she', four times in one sentence is a bit like overkill! :-) yeggy
Since this is Masters, we underclassmen can be picky; there is a "save" instead of "safe", and a thong instead of Throng...however, a neat little story about a plant being healed and also a young girl.
Enjoyed the symbolic imagery - nicely done. I also tripped over this: "she walked through the thong." although admittedly w/ a giggle. :-)
I love the hope that was so well portrayed here! Extremely well done! Very nice character development! Thanks for sharing it!
I love the intertwining of the Gardener with her struggles - it definitely made me read much more carefully than I might have. The ending is just wonderful. Sorry - can't find anything to be brutal about that hasn't already been mentioned!
I thank everyone for thier comments. Until recently, I had absolutely no idea my spelling was so horrid - rofl. This will surely be the next thing I try and teach myself.
The two narratives worked well side by side – understanding the one through reading the other. It was a clever way of shedding light on the woman’s story. It is a shame that it was mere clothes that prevented the her from going to church.