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This is SO well done. The explanation at the end was helpful, but, regardless, I was definitely engrossed in why in the world these people were being paid to leave the country! You definitely gave me an entirely new perspective on missionaries. Thanks!
The explanation clinched it for me. This was a great piece. I love true stories and you totally had me fooled! Great build up! Wodnerful job on this one!
Needless to say - a VERY confusing story up until the italics; then things became clear with some additional info. Thanks for sharing.
I love the way you chose to weave this amazing story. Fantastic!
Very well-crafted piece. Confusing in the beginning? Yes. But that's what added to the beauty of the piece when it all came together in the end. Loved it.
I love the way you chose to write this--you really reeled in the readers. One small note: no apostrophe in "missions." Thanks so much for spotlighting this wonderful family.
You pulled me in from the first sentence until the very end. Wonderfully crafted and inspiring.
Delightful and captivating. Loved the sense of mystery. You had me hooked from the start.
I liked the mystery of this story--not knowing what exactly was going on until the last part of section one. So neat to hear the history in sevtion two, also. Good job!
I'm really glad this story did so well. it really stuck with me all week.
Congratualtions Glenn!