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How blessed they are!! Warning: bring tissues with you . . . but for a good reason! A touching depiction of Life at it's best! I could see each one walk to the podium and hand the mike over to the next person!
Beautiful. What a testament to a lifetime. I loved it.

One tiny thing. A microphone is spelled mic believe it or not. Mike is for the name Michael.

Wonderful! I felt like I was there. I'd have enjoyed even a bit more description in addition to the speeches...I really liked these people and wanted a peek into what they looked and acted like. Very touching piece.
Oh well, I got mic wrong in my comment above and didn't even think about it! Note to self-thank Dr. Shultz for bringing this up before I wrote an entry involving a microphone!
Actually, according to Merriam`Webster Dictionary, mike is correct as well.
Main Entry: 1mike
Pronunciation: 'mIk
Function: noun
Etymology: by shortening & alteration
Beautiful sentiments from a lifetime of love. Very nice. I was thinking about my bride as I read this. Thank you.
Very nice and sentimental piece. I also would have liked to "see" a little more, but it is well written.
Rita, I'll second your previous comments. This is a beautiful testament to lives lived with love and commitment! The part about the baby announcement was a corker!n Nice touch.

I was surprised you ended with a dialogue tag. Might it be stronger if you simply ended with "Life sure has it's way of coming full circle." ?

Very true to life--a message of great blessing! And welcome to Level 3--you belong here among the upwardly mobile!
Hey Rita! What a wonderful testimony. It looks like great minds thought alike while writing our life challenge. (throwing in each "word" from the quarter) Did you have a chance to read Jan's entry last week? She did the same thing?
Blessings on your writing.
Very nice! I thought the dialogue was very real. I too would have liked to have read more about the individuals instead of all speaking...:) But overall, very nice!
I enjoyed reading your story. Thank you for posting it.
Lovely tribute to an awesome Christian couple! Good job.
A lovely piece. Your dialogue rings so true especially between the husband and wife. Well done.
What a delightful read! I did feel like I was 'there' listening to these full- hearted tributes. So precious.
This reminds me of a couple I once knew. I appreciate this story because that kind of married couple is truly an example of Christian love. A goal for which we should all strive. Thank you for painting a touching picture of this kind of relationship.
Beautiful testimony to the power of a Christ-centered marriage. Life at its best, with all the struggles and good times, the challenges and the victories, all wrapped up in your story so beautifully written. Wonderfully done! :)
Fifty years! I've only been married for fourteen. When you put your marriage in His hands, the benefits are enormous. Thanks for sharing this heartfelt article.
A beautiful picture of what a family should be about - with Christ in the center of it all :)