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This is a great read! I enjoyed the teaching and even learned a few things. Actually,quite a few things!
Great article with much insight into the connection of Abraham to the faith of many.

Leaves us with something to think about.
Very thought-provoking and well-written. Nice job.
Wow! This is a masterpiece! Well written! Very informative and very truthful. Jesus is truly the first and the beast won't bring the three sects together...
Thanks for blessing me, Keep winning and shining for Jesus.
An excellent piece of work. You have created a thirst, but also provoked us to dig a little deeper into history. I like people who poke around and ferret out information like this.
Fascinating read. Though familiar with this information, you set it forth in such simple dynamic fashion I couldn't stop. What will they each do, if Abraham returns as one of the two witnesses to Jesus? No wonder Satan wanted his body. Thanks so much for sharing this captivating, thought-provoking piece.
Very interesting and well written. I recently came into contact with some of this line of thinking when I listened to the president of Fuller Theological Seminary address some journalists on the web. My motive for listening was that a good Christian friend of mine's husband wrote a book about religious "fundamentalism" in the White House. Very different viewpoints from mine. I love your conclusion. Before Abraham was, I am! - Jesus. Thanks for sharing this. I got a lot out of the reading.
There is an obversation that if someone says, "I believe" you may need to clarify just what they do believe. Well done.
This was a good read, loaded with interesting information. God bless you.
this piece made me think of many things, been studying the life of Abraham some years ago, more blessings
Very well written, informative and i thought i know all about Abraham. God bless
Ahhh Lisa! I should have picked this was you! Who else would have started with an Abbott and Costello routine? Lissa, I am absolutely delighted to see you win 1st place in the Level 3 Champion Challenge AND 2nd place in the Editor's Choice. Well done lovely lady! With love, Deb (Challenge Co-ordinator)