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This is really neat! Good job.
What a beautiful legacy your father has left for you!
I am touched by this precious young boy, and the way you shared his testimony; it works so well in verse! The Kingdom of God consists of such as these...
This was beautiful. And to know that it was true, made it even better!Good job. Kate~
No tells a story like a loving parent. And the story lives on in the heart and on the lips of those they loved. Excellent story laced with smooth rhythm and rhyme. Well done!
Wonderful poem, and thanks so much for sharing the story that goes with it. Both are precious.
What a wonderful example of the joy we experience in not only asking Jesus into your life, but in realizing that you can be a part of that same thing happening in someone else's life. I loved the poem itself. Great pace, and your selection of phrases and words painted such a perfect picture.
Wonderful, this is a touching poem that makes you think about Jesus love for the children. It flows beautifully. Well done!
Such a precious retelling. I hung on every word. You captured the sweetness of a baby-heart, really innocent in the big scheme of things but already burdened enough to turn. As a Sunday School teacher, this is a very real moment for me. I can see it... "just a boy" is just an opportunity to make that turn in the crucial direction. Reading this I thought "from the mouths of babes". Lovely.
You are blessed to have such a heartfelt legacy recorded in your fathers own voice. You have written your BEAUTIFUL retelling in such a flowing poetic form. I'm sure that it will carry his legacy on for years to come. Bless you for sharing it with us.
Very touching story! Thanks for sharing!
Beautiful Edy, just beautiful! I can't believe I missed all these stories of yours when I read at least 60 or 70 every week! I'm going to "track" you from now I won't miss these gems! Great story, and so touching that you have it on tape. Thanks for the read! Loved it!