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A funny, funny story. I loved it; but the topic wasn't "disaster" was prosperity. Hmmm? Good try, great writing, creative thinking and a masterpiece of artistic comedy.
How to use your prosperity badly, perhaps? This is terrifically creative and funny.
Funny story! lol! I think a better title might have been "Rich guy in a cave wearing spandex" !! ;-)

Also, I might point out that it is never good to connect the terms "long coat" and "exposing" ... it just leads one to too many thoughts! ha!

Good to have comic relief! I will point out to the a week or two in the hospital might not hurt the author of this piece, either! hehehehehehehe ;-)
Oh Tim! This is such fun! A fantastic voice! You did a wonderful job! I absolutely loved it - you had me laughing out loud all by myself! Excellent!
It never ceases to amaze me how clever some writers are. This is immensely creative and witty!
Very fun piece... a little critique though...The one phrase, "he stood the elder man to near the lifeless computer", confused me; it might have been worded better. But what do I know, I don't possess your talent!
I, too, don't quite see the connection to prosperity, but your quirky humor had me hooked. Good job! Extremely creative!
Ha ha ha! Funny story. Very creative and attention-grabbing. I'm missing the connection to Prosperity, but it's still a fun read!
This is priceless. It is one of the funniest pieces I've read. Excellent.
This was fun! I enjoyed it a lot.
I could almost see the giant R (Rex) on his chest - oh, that wasn't in the story. Never mind.
Hilarious! I guess this is what happens when overly prosperous folks with plenty of extra cash have time on their hands??? I didn't catch a direct connection with the concept of properity, but it didn't matter....b/c I was hooked from the beginning and practically spellbound the whole way through. :-)


Good job!
Fun and clever. Enjoyed this very much!
What a fun trip to the cave this was. The humor here was priceless and well done. I loved this one!
Oh my, this is hilarious.LOL