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Such a terrible, difficult and real experience for many couples. I know this really happens, my sister was given to my apparently barren aunt. Still I struggle with the ending which is not realistic for the majority of childless couples who have to find a place of hope and trust in God in the midst of their dashed dreams.
I got chills reading this story. I loved this one. Wow, I really don't know what to say. You did a fabulous job.
The emotion in this story is real and heart felt. Sometimes it is the least expected things that draw a story together...this was cleverly crafted. Well done!
I loved it. I like the pun of the title too. As the mother of an adopted child the story is close to my heart.
Emotional is too soft of a word for this. the story you show is one of sorrow and pain that God ment for a better purpose. Worded well, keeing the reader close to every one of those words. very touching indead.. Well done.
Well done. I'm not crazy about your title, but I love the story. You made me feel the couple's anguish and joy.
I clearly saw another couple that I know in this story. Amazingly enough, the story line is very much their story...a tragedy in the family resulted in them adopting her cousins child. I think you did a good job of letting us peak into the frustration and disappointment couples face when they want a family so badly and can't have a child of their own.
This is so beautiful and powerful. Well done.
Well written, I had to wait 10 years. I like "feel good, happy ending" stories, so this sure fit the bill! I enjoyed it.