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This gave me the shivers. Wow.
What a clever idea, to have the same guard in both places! Really, really good story-telling here.
I loved this! No wonder you are in Masters.
That was clever, linking the two stories. I love the line, "I have overcome", when the reader is expecting that he IS overcome - very good.
Ahhhh! Okay! Goooood timing! Yes! What a way to tie in the sequence of events and bring them to life! Ab-solute-ly great job!
Ok. I've reread it and decided I like it. ;P
Great job. I love this believable fiction based on fact. It is easy to believe it could have happened this way.
Bravo... that was a great read.. will go quite well with the bible stort stories Book...Excellent...
Great story telling; beautifully done!
Good job spinning those two events together! Excellent flow. I felt for the poor doomed soldier once I saw him gong into the jail and knowing what was coming. The mark of a great writer. Nicely done!
Nice work, as always. Clean, clear, well crafted writing. Well done!
Truely inspiring. Great job.
You are certainly a master story teller. Well done!
Oh yes, let me add my wow to the other praises here. Nicely done and strongly crafted!
A very clever idea, combining the two stories the way you did. And I LOVE that line, "There is only one God with power and love." Excellent.