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This is just plain dynamite (the message in the poem, as I see it)! I shall have to read it more than once, however, to relish every word, phrase, profound thought.
Very nice, touching, and true. I really liked this. I think there could have been more complex or precise word choices in a few places ... and I had to double check the rhythm a bit here or there. But over all, bamo! Direct hit. Very nice!
"God's violent love" in the last verse threw me off a bit; it's beautiful poetry, but on first read I didn't get the point. It's not the fault of the poet - it's the simplistic mind of the Reader.
Excellent! Wow. I love this poem from beginning to end. What a picture of God's work to find the diamond buried beneath the stone barriers we erect around our hearts. BRAVO!
I have to add that I love the line, "God's violent love, His gentle win," very accurate!
This is so excellent. I wish I could write like this! Good job. Love it!
It took me a second reading the catch the meaning. I thought your word choice was excellent and provoked some very strong images.
Powerful imagery presented in a beautiful form!
This is very powerful - some strongly crafted wording that still manages to layer the message subtley until that final verse, which really caught my breath. Wonderful. God bless.
I loved this...your word choices were sublime.
A deep piece that encourages focus and one the reader absorbs. Love the ending!
Very powerful. Sounded like a drum beat! I get more from it with each read. Good job!
Wow, wow, wow, Ann! This is why you're my favourite! This was AWESOME!!! "The mystery of the Rock within"... I LOVED IT!