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This is great - what mastery of words. Love it
This is absolutely AWESOME - a certain winner in any writing challenge category!!!

A masterpiece with excellent choice of words. Well done, cannot wait to find out who wrote this article. God bless you real good!

Wow! Very vivid imagery and take on God's armour we can choose to wear for battle. I loved the third paragraph and then kept reading and it only got better. I love your word choices, too...perfect. This will really be competition for the rest of us!
A Powerful Masterpiece!!!
An awesome anointed piece!!!

In Christ,
"Numbers 6:24,25,26"
Quite brilliant!

Dead eyes ... what a description.

Everything about this was just excellent. The words. The format. The descriptions. The message.

Best approach to the topic that I've read yet. Spectacular.
Ditto to what everyone else said. This is absolutely awesome!
This is THEE most amazing piece I've read in a long time. It gave me goosebumps and sent shivers up my spine. This is the kind of writing that inspires me to keep writing. Way to go! You deserve to win for this one!
Absolutely wonderful depiction of the power of the armor of God against evil. Magnificent, vivid, imagery makes this poem come alive. Great job!
I can't believe I haven't commented on this already. You are ready for Masters, right? I LOVED the imagery. MAN that's powerful!!!
Wow! Fabulous work!

My favourite line: "At the hem of His Glory laid her bruises and wounds" - I just love that image.

Beautiful. Powerful. Masterful!
Wow! What an anointed gift you have. WINNER!
At first I was ready to knock out the guy who was beating her up. Then, when I realized who she was fighting against, I realized I DO have the power to beat him up - anyday of the week! Yes, I think you ARE ready for Masters. This piece definitely proves it. Awesome, powerful piece, filled with such vivid imagery. Stirs up lots of emotion - the work of any great writer. A winner in my book!
Oh, WOW! What powerful imagery!!! Yes, this is unforgetable and enthralling! Remarkable! Love it!!!
Fantastic! Hooray! Hooray! I needed this reminder today...and every day! You have a gift! Powerful writing!
Beautiful. What vivid imagery. Great job.
This is awesome!!!!!!!
ok... you dared me to find somethign wrong... so here's what I got for you.....

In the line "Lifting It high she proclaimed with a shout!" there shouldn't be an exclamation point after the word shout... because the sentence is continued in the quote on the next line! HA! In your face! ;-) ROFL! (note to all readers here... Pat ALWAYS finds ONE thing wrong with my entries each and every week ... so this pay back is just in fun!)

But seriously.. excellent writing as usual. You have excellent word choices, you create dynamic tension. And you have perfect resolution. I thought the construction in the middle (as she took up the armour of God) was a tad monotonous since before and after were more freely built. But that is a minor minor thing. This is a winner! :-)
Boy Maxx, when you're right, you're almost 100% right! ;)
Anointed and perfectly done. That is one sermon that needs to be preached 24/7 to remind us the armor is there and we need to PUT IT ON!
Your creative talent is more than obvious...a true gift.I am a fan for sure. :0) LG
Wow wow WOW Pat!!! Glad you pointed me this way, as I likely never would have read this if you hadn't. So amazingly powerful and thought-provoking. Sent chills down my spine!
What a wonderful piece of triumph, and it rings so true. We will always win when Jesus is on our side. Beautiful writing, this made me ready to face the day.
The imagery was great and encompassing! What a wonderful reminder that our Defense is ready and waiting for us to put on.
I absolutely love this. This was one that clearly displays showing rather than telling, it came alive for me. So emotional, so real, so well done.