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Very well-written. I didn't feel like I totally understood what was going on, but maybe it was just too deep for someone like me:) Cool descriptions.
Magnificent handling of this subject, a compelling read, the detailed descriptions heightened the empathy toward the characters. An essay in time - expand the scene and you have a gripping novel (or is it?).
A great end times story. I loved it. Wonderful description, I could see it all taking place. Thanks!
Amazing! The true testimony of inner strength. You nailed this piece! The only critism I have is I felt that your date of year should've been established towards the beginning of the story. I was confused as to when it was taking place and because that part was fuzzy, I was unable to envision this story completely. I only say this because you're a master (for obvious reasons). This is incredibly written. You can speak volumes in two words. I envy you. Incredible. Your writing skill is an example to all.
Excellent! You really built up the scene, made us feel the indecision that the woman faced and the inner strength of Rennock. Well written and compelling.
Oh, wow. I really like this one. It's, it's, it's absolutely everything. I'll nevermake Masters if this is the standard. Stunning scene, great conflict, wonderful characters, and I cried at the end. But I'm not sure if I cried by being sad and Rennock's death or the sight of the Angel army! Do you give private lessons?
I know exactly who wrote this. It screams your name through the writing style, which is quite brilliant, and the symbolism throughout it, which is incredible.

What can I say? 'Well done' seems too minimal. Perhaps I'll just say that you've left me speechless.
Masterfully done - pun intended. This is incredible. I felt like I was right there. This story drew me in immediately and the tension and conflict was riveting. Great story!
There's so much violence on TV that I finally decided to have my cable cut off - so now I relax and read a good uplifting story from one of the Masters at FW. Thank you for sharing this one.
You pulled me in from the first word: the descriptions brought the scene vividly to life in my mind and I really hope that this is going to be the basis for... a novel perhaps? I'd buy it! God bless.
Amazing what you were able to pack into so few words...two fully developed characters, and a whole end-times scenario, with a conclusion that really packs a punch. Wowie kazowie!
At first I thought this guy was in a position of being hung. Reading the first paragraph again I realized the cord around his neck and hands were the same. (I had to find something on this awesome, gripping tale!)

Great everything.
Oh, and ... tag - you're it. Tear it up - if you can. ;)

There IS one place no one has mentioned yet. But then, maybe it's okay.
Excellent everything. Your characters were so real. The story draws you in. Great job.
You never fail to deliver!Spectacular, vivid writing, as always. This one had it all - action, like an End Times Thriller. It's like Jerry Jenkins meets Tom Clancy. A piece truly deserving of the Masters level.
This is great! It's like a futuristic retelling of Saul...almost. Well done!
Excellent story. Descriptive, well written. I cannot add to what everyone else has said.
In a word my brother... Awesome...
You set a high bar friend :)
Maxx - I recognized your entry after reading only 2 lines! "The cord about his throat..." You are the Piranha swimming in the Masters fishbowl. (I mean that with total respect, your writing style is just so distinctive among this group.)
So are you going to write a novel or what? Let me know when you do - I'll join the line to buy it!

This one stunk. Seriously, it was horrible. The characters. the plot, the setting. There was nothing 'good' about this piece. defiantely your worst yet...LOL. Did I have you going?! Yeah right, as if the Maxx could write anything sub par. This is truly magnificent. I want to hear your version of all the symbolism that you weaved in here. I found quite a few referances to violence, scars and pain. Which is perfect considering the topic. Like I wrote before, I did fin it difficult to place (time). Honestly, I'm still not sure if it's suppossed to be way in the past, future or present. I heard one comment about it being an end times thriller (my condolences! LOL), but I was still thinking that rennock was a follower of Jesus...?I don't know. I'm sure I could piece some more information together if I read it once more. But can I cheat and have you tell me?! Great work. This was written beautifully. Seriosuly, besides the whole time period thing (which I'm positive is just me) I would say this is one of your better written stories. Great work Maxx!