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What a wonderfully, delightful way of writing on inner strength without ever saying the word. Your last sentence told us where "Momma" found and recieved her inner strenght from...God. And oh so true it is.
The accent or dialect of the piece was well written and consistent. I found myself wanting to know more about the preacher, and the boys and the narrator.
Beautifully written and very gripping. Loved the ending - and the beginning (and the middle lol)
Loved the narration. The storyline was tight. Definate quality throughout. I struggled with the dialect ... I felt it got in the way of the free flow of the story.. made me read slower to catch every word. Is that bad? Well, maybe not.. but anything that distracts the reader is a bad thing. So, just my preference. Aside from that right on track ... and the ending is worth the story ... great conclusion.
I so wish I could write like this. I had a fewproblems with the words and stuff but mostly this totally rocked!
A great description of a strong lady. I too was very impressed with the dialect. Well done.
Excellent writing. I loved the voice of the narrator. You have skillfully woven many images and details in a short piece. Very well done!
I loved this - the voice drew me in and the telling painted the story in my mind. Now I just want to know what happened to that preacher and his sons! Are you planning on expanding this? God bless.
I must be the odd ball here - because I would have enjoyed the story much more if the person speaking had used proper/correct English. That's just my (insignificant) opinion...
"Why go to school", I say, "if this is what folks want to hear and read?" But great message nonetheless.
Put me in the "loved the dialect" camp. I felt like I was listening to a storyteller, perhaps on someone's stoop. I was hanging on every word. Loved it.
Count me in the "loved the dialect" camp also! I believe it takes a skillful writer to ignore the rules of grammar when the character demands it. I would not advise using dialect if it wasn't necessary to paint a picture of the character, but with this piece, the character's "simple" speech and faith illustrate the truth that God can use those we would least expect, to accomplish His will in a given situation. Great job! Cheri
I hung onto the dialect like... 'He hung onto you!' Bravo, loved how you made us savor every single word in your story.
Loved the story! Loved the descriptive words and choice of pulled me right into that world.Excellent!
Congratulations on your win! This was a great piece!!!
What a great ending! Your dialect was tight throughout and the story rang true. Wonderful job. Congratulations!
Sounds like my mother now. Since she found the Lord, He has become her best friend. I'm sure glad of that. I can see why you won first place. I love the "twang" of the character speaking.
congratulations on your well-deserved win
This is just wonderful! So tight. What a marvelous job at storytelling! My mother's work experiences as I was growing up echoed some of what you described and so did her faith. It inspires me still! Congratulations on this well deserved!!
Wow! What awesome story-tellig. It flowed seemlessly, dialect an all. You are truly gifted, and I enjoy your writing immensely. Never stop!