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Creative concept, but rather difficult and vague to embrace wholeheartedly...only one person's opinion. Nice work.
Beautifully written, skilfully constructed, powerful message - looks like a winner to me.
I wonder if this is . . . hmmmm. . .I'll post later who I think it is. Either way very nice take on inner strength, I think. Very well done.
I know who this is!! Great job. beautiful words as usual.
This is a haunting piece. You can feel the anguish of the narrator and hear the gentle whispers of hope from the Healer. Good job.
Very powerful! I especially like "My Savior's hands." Great parallel structure, good use of poetic language. Top-notch.
Beautiful use of language. You paint a vivid picture. Well done.
Beautiful, lovely and touching. Good stuff!
What a message! Great word pictures.
Yes, I was right! I did know who this was. Don't get to comfortable in Advanced! And I'm not saying that to scare you. Such a good, excellent job!
Yes, heartwrenchingly beautiful. Such talent!!
I really like this, Purity. You have a way of touching deep emotion in your short stanzas. I just noticed this week that your stanzas are always 50 words long(went back and counted some of your prior pieces too!) That's got to be hard to do! Glad to see you in advanced! Yes, you belong here. Keep up the great work. :-)