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Love it! You told this story very well. The poor guy was hounded by terrorists from beginning to end, but what an end. Rebeccah's introduction was so beautiful. I used to be blind too.
Oooo, I remember the first one in this series. Watch your POV shifts. Great job!
Yes, POV. How could Joel know the "bird" was silver when he is blind? Remember to keep inside only one person's head, and say things only that person would know.
Moving piece - good job.
I remember the earlier part of this too.

I love the ending - totally unexpected.

Well done.
This is the second article I have read today that is evidently part of a serial. I never watch serial stories on TV as I may not be able to catch them all, and don't want to get involved in something that I cannot follow through - so these readings of serial stories was done unknowingly and unintentional. Nice story, however.
Joel is back! This was a beautiful and touching conclusion to his story. What a perfect entry for "fulfillment." You definitely are a "master" storyteller. Loved every word. :-)
Whoa! Chills and wonder at how God DOES work at times. I'm so glad I read the first one. Please include it's title during hinting for others. They are both very much worth reading! Loved, loved it ALL. And I think these could be great witnessing tools for our sensitive Jewish friends. (I wonder who the Southern Belle is? ;))
This is very moving! I didn't read the first part of this story, but this installment felt complete to me, and it was quite touching. Only one thing didn't ring quite true: Rebeccah saying "I live in a small town in a Southern state in America." Just seems a bit stilted...

Loved your characters, and your beautiful ending. What timing, and a lesson for those of us who are shy about sharing our faith. Wonderful.
Wow, a power-packed message! You never know...none of us can ever know...only God does!!!
Excellent and well-written. Attention holding and riveting.
Fulfillment indeed! What a day that will truly be when we see Christ! Precious message. Amen.