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This is an adorable story! What a subtle way to get the point across that coveting has its consequences.
Cute and clever entry. guess I missed the connection to "enter," though. OK...I just went back to the story and discovered the, "thoughts entering my mind" connection. Works for me! Thanks for the entertaining read. :-)
A very imaginative article. I quite liked your connection of the theme 'enter' with the story. Good work!
This is absolutely delightful. I didn't read the title before I read the story so was caught by surprise when I got to your ending. Suggestion? Change your title so we don't know the end before we get there. But simply great.
Really great story!!:) It flowed and kept me wondering how she would get it all the way through and then the cute twist!
Although I didn't exactly find the topic "enter" - I did find a delightful little story, and I loved it! Very nice and well done.
Well the lice "entered" her hair. Does that count?

Wonderful and bright story! A winner for sure, if only it had bit more to do with "enter."

You should publish this as a children's book, illustrations like "Little House on the Prarie."
You seem to have a knack for this prairie story. Hope you have more to share!
What a charming story, told in a very authentic voice!
What a delightful story! You captured the characters voice and thoughts so well. The lice are a nice twist - especially if it's not anticipated in the title. Well done.
What a gorgeous story! I agree with that comment about making it an illustrated children's book. Loved the ending too.
Very very good! lol! As a Father I am in constant fear of an lice outbreak. lol! Good work on a strong entry and a possible contender. :-)
A very, very good story and a delightful read. The reader is pulled along with each emotion. Good one!
Haha! What a great story! You mean...KNIT this story together perfectly! So cute!!