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Thank you for this beautiful story. I had to read through my tears. It was very well written and so real. I felt like I was in the hospital room with you.
It's a beautiful story and very well written; but next time, please make double spaces between the paragraphs to make it easier to read. Thank you.
"What happened during the next hour was not to be described." But you did such an exquisite piece of writing that words fail me. The awesome joy and sorrow mix, the perfect title, thank you.
Isn't it odd when you have that sense that the person who has departed is there, looking over your shoulder, enjoying the scene. I commented to my mother on the way to the cemetary at my father's funeral how much he must be enjoying traveling first class in the white cadillac. Very moving and well written.
Lovely piece, I had goosebumps near the end! :)
Wow... very strong ending... how wonderful! What a great testimony. Good work!
Good work, good testimony. A friend of mine recently went home in a similar fashion. Before she died she commented that if the doctors could cure her but that part of the deal would be losing her testimony to hospital staff she would turn down the cure and chose to influence the staff for Christ. I thought of that as I read about the nurses lingering in the doorway as Sarah worshiped. Strong ending.
This is just beautiful!! I saw the same thing with my father in-law when he died the first of Nov. It is just awesome to watch someone that knows Christ exit from earth and enter Heaven.
Congratulations on your win! I'm so glad your story received the recognition it so well deserved, tops in my book! Thank you for letting the rest of the world have opportunity to join you at your sister's welcome Home!
Congratulations on your win! Thank you for sharing this powerful, gripping testimony. I love the song you sister sang (we had it sung at our wedding). May God bless you with more of Himself and His love.
Beautiful and gave me chills.
This piece touched me deeply. Thank you so much.
Thank you for relating to us this beautiful experience. It was so vivid and makes me love the Father even more.
I lost my friend, Susan, to cancer only last month. Her last words were, "It's so's so beautiful"
This story reminded me so much of that...and of what we have to look forward to at our own homegoing.
Awesome writing! Congratulations on your win..
I'm so glad Joanney left a link in the Southern Thread to this article, one of her FW favorites. You so skillfully drew us into the depth of this brother's experience with his dying sister. If you wrote this from personal experience, you have my deepest sympathy. The loss of such a wonderful sister must still be wrenching. Her life and death as you've described it here live on as testimony to her great love for her Savior and His for her. This story touches and encourages me in a special way on this crisp autumn morning. My brother was recently diagnosed with a serious form of cancer. Bless you, dear author, for sharing this poignant story with us all.
(Correction: Edy left the link.)