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The title drew me in and I loved the interview.
This was profound;
"It was my love for Him.Faith doesn'tcome all in one day...I'd say faith is more than believing, it is an exercise..."
Great did you manage to persuade him to come?(Laughter)
Good angle for this story. You really made me like King David as a person.
However, King David raised sheep not cattle. Might want to fix that.

I dunno, though, I think King David would enjoy Pespi more than coke, but who knows?

I wanted the Reporer to ask King David about Bathsheba...I was so disappointed that it was left out of the interview.(Smile) Typical human I am...wanting to know the nitty gritty of his personal life. Sorry.
Creative idea, however.
Very creative. Your touches of humor let us relate to him.
Good job! Kate~
Dear Readers,

Bathsheba was left out for a couple of reasons...

1. The word limit (750 words) did not give me any space for more conversation.

2. David was only human like any other. An event like this isn't uncommon in our day to day life. It's just that he rose above this to what one in ordinary life finds difficult to acheive.... his heights of love and faith in God.

Hope you too enjoy your encounter with David through this article.

love..... Amanda