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As for the topic "Help" didn't seem to be the focus; however, a real sound of sincerity in this prose that you shared with us.
I think the theme "help" is in the emotion of this poem. It's in every sentence. I hope the judges see it this way.

Very good!

I don't know enough about poetry to leave a super-intelligent sounding comment, but here's my thoughts: I liked it, but thought the first part would read smoother if you had the same number of beats on each line (is that meter?). As for fitting with the theme? Sure does. What do we need help with more than love and loss?
I love the middle section with the reptition, very musical. Nice poem, capturing emotions very neatly.
Grief among the memories is truely sad but I guess the time does come, when the memories bring a smile. Poignant and excellently written.
simple, yet captivaing. The repeated verses made for a dry portion towards the middle, yet your talent is quite obvious. I was quite relieved when I discovered that it wasnèt another woman, but THE woman. Clever
So sad ... so beautiful ... and I was most relieved to get to the strong ray of hope of heaven there at the end.

Wonderful writing.
Love lost? I read the poem three times to figure out if it was love lost because your loved one passed away or love lost because of a break-up. Either way, your words accurately depict the desperation of love lost. I especially felt the desperation in the center part of the poem. Thanks for sharing.
A well written poem,some interesting things going on -the repetition is effective.
I liked this ... I've said before that I struggle with poetry .. I just have to experience and not try to worry about the rules. My only concern here is that some of the words choices are too obvious (golden hair, eyes of blue). I know that author can transcend these with stronger selections. But again, good emotional impact and strong writing!
Well written. I liked the repetition. Good job.