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um, what Paul said.
This is a good continuation from last week's entry. (A little tough as a stand-alone entry.)
As uncomfortable as the subject matter is for many of us (me included), I have to say you portrayed the struggle well. Sexual temptation is something many deal with, whether it be homosexual, pornography, lust, adultery, or fornication. All types of sexual sin are the same to God. Personally, I thought you did a great job. Your writing talent is obvious. I liked that you chose to take the advice from last week. Nice continuation of the story.
You did it. I was so happy to see the end of last week's story. I love that Zack stuck by his new brother and was a true brother by going to his apartment and not "wierding out" when Jeremy grabbed him. That would be hard.
The subject of homosexuality doesn't upset me as much as some. I guess it's because I view gay men and women as some of the most hurting people. They are searching for someone to love and accept them, exactly what Christians should and need to do. I think you had their friendship develop very well. People are reached more out of love than any other action. Christians could learn from this role model. Great job at handling a tough scenario with insightfulness balanced with tact.