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Your title caught me and the first paragraph kept me going! I often wondered why, instead of pocket fishermen, Ronco didn't produce a pocket chainsaw or pocket nuclear device! You have captured perfectly the 'couch potato' mentality and the control needed to conquer it! Thanks for sharing and for moving some of us out of our chairs!
I liked it. Made me want to NEVER be this person!
Am almost ... but not quite ... motivated to get out of my seat and do something physical! Well done - I loved it.
I definitely do not want to be that person, although I find at times then, through your humorous example I am.
I could imagine the lawn mower with attachment for slicing cheese. YUCK! So whitty!
Enjoyed reading your message-loud and clear. God bless ya, littlelight
Your last line is hilarious! I've never understood the attraction of the Three Stooges, but some people (cough hubby cough) find them irrestible. This is first-rate stuff.
I didn't know you knew my husband! LOL! I get in the same trap also, but with the computer. Nice work, very enjoyable and entertaining!
Haha! Great funny story! I was going to write the same thing Cassie did. The TV I can leave. The computer? well.... Great job, Benji!
Fun-ny! Lawnmower and oreos and Stooges and all!!! Clever enough to carry me to another plane - somewhere beyond seriousness. :-)
Oh, how funny! Excellent! You had me laughing out loud at the lawn-mowing-cheese-cutter. This particular couch potato obviously didn't have telekinetic powers (or would that have taken too much effort and control?). Hmm? Oh well, the control crisis was averted any way. Right? Good stuff! Loved it.
Leaving a comment is such a strain on my mental faculties - I'd much rather click and read - but your story demanded my fingers move across the keyboard and tell you how funny you made those lazy couch potatoes look. I am so glad that's not me.

Ooooh! I have to go...this wonderful pop-up for an all expenses paid (except airfare, hotel and meals) trip for one and a half person to Paris (Texas) just came up on my computer!!!
What a humorous and light-hearted way of showing the truth of Proverbs 13:4. And I just loved the voice throughout the whole piece. Well done.