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Yes! We are instucted to do this against evil yet forget it's protection during moments like this. Great application in a easy to relate to story. Great job in keeping us in the moment and on the edge of our seats. Thanks for the victory!

Here's my favorite part, 'The warrior angel at her side put his sword back in its sheath and focused on the road ahead. He needed to get her home safely now.'
Wow, intense! I've heard a true story similar to this and the man ended up getting saved too. Great writing!
So well written I was with both of your characters, you made me feel for both of them- good job.
Oh, wow!
Beautifully written, with a perfect kicker.
Great work! I was on the edge of my seat throughout. I really liked the repetition of "Jesus" at the end as Kenneth was freed. The warrior angel who gave Cassie the strength to stand up to Kenneth was well done and believable too.
Loved it!
Oh, my! Truly breathtaking tale of good and evil! You so masterfully made these characters come to life. What skillful weaving of an ageless theme in a contemporary story!
Clear a space on your mantle ... you'll likely be bringing home gold with this entry! Near perfect... couple of minor things I might have done a little different but nobody can argue about your end result! Wow!
Can't add to what's already been said. Excellent!