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Stunningly beautiful! I wish I had 'space' to copy all the phrases that I love from this entry. Here's just one: "Things too wondrous carried me toward a flicker of a thought; for the flame of Holy Light had revealed empty space and pierced through the darkest of time." Pure poetry! This has blessed me much!
This is both a beautiful and a thought-provoking piece. Not only did this piece make me think, but it also touched me with its poetic voice. Lovely.
This was beautiful...I have to use that word again. As someone else was poetic and thought inspiring as well. Very, very nice!
As many have mentioned - this is pure poetry. Your words flowed down the page with ease and took my breath away. To repeat the popular description, it was simply beautiful. Magnificent!
Blessings, Lynda
the imagery used throughout this piece was incredible - I certainly hope it does well in the Challenge
"...At what moment in endless time was man birthed in God’s heart?"

That's my favorite line. This is great, really masterfully written.
Wow -great thoughts! well done.
Pat, your writing is taking us to high places. I love your expression of the oneness in the beginning and the end. This is a deep and beautiful journey.
Sometimes I wonder why God created us as well. But, then I think of His great love and sacrifice to bring us into a new reality in His loving arms for all Eternity. And then, I thank Him for my life. Well done and very thought-provoking. is beyond comprehension that God would desire to share his image with us. He knew we would smudge his image. He knew we would turn away from him, yet he still made us in his image...and because he knows how he formed us and remembers we are made from dust (Ps 103:14), he extends his grace. He is truly an awesome God! Good job...thanks for the inspiration.
Excellent once again. Very polished and well presented. Well thought out. Wonderful message. A contender in a fairly strong week! Great work!
Very well done & thought provoking. Great job!
This was full of masterful imagery and I loved the lines, "At what moment in endless time was man birthed in God’s heart? When did the first whisper of love for man begin?" Thanks for giving me something to think about in a new way. Really well done and I hope you place this week!
What a great take on 'space'! It is pure poetry ... wow!
Poetry in prose - those were my thoughts as I scrolled down the page. Simply beautiful, Pat, and with a depth that begs to be read again and again. Thank you. Well done.