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Great story! Excellent dialogue. I wish ministry would always have this kind of success.
Great story, great dialogue and great message of hope! I was right there with you from Start to Finish! And, the last line tells it all! "Lookin' for Emmett Hayes" - Great Job! Well done and God Bless...
We can't minister to the whole world all at once, but we can do it one person at a time. Wonderfully written reminder.
I fell in love with your character! I would love to meet an Emmett Hayes. A real joy to read.
Good story, nicely written.
Wonderful story! This mc is fulfilling his godly mission. Great writing. I enjoyed it!
Very good! Lovable characters and good development, not easy to do in so few words.
Liked this one a lot - such a compact well balanced story, with fully fleshed out characters and authentic dialogue. Nice reading, lovely writing. God bless.
I loved this! very very well done (and my husband and I joke that he'll never leave me for another woman, a muscle car -maybe, but never another woman lol)
What a delightful story. The relationship between husband and wife, Emmett and his Lord and Emmett and the boy were all explored to satisfaction in such a short period of time. Well written and a thoroughly enjoyable read.
Boy - do I love this one! Great in every way! Really, really GOOD!
I believe this one will be a Hallmark special some day! Great story line, easy read, enjoyed the characters.
Good, quick pacing. Wonderful lesson to us all. God in action through "everyday" people. Congrats on your win!
Beautiful story. Really enjoyed this. Congrats on your win.
Wonderfully-written story! The dialogue really draws one into the story. I loved the fact that he gave the boy the car that they were working on. Congratulations on your win!