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Ah, this is beautiful! Awesomely beautiful! I had to read it twice to get the full impact. Whether it is mother or father, it speaks such mountains of love from parent to daughter and then to grandchild! Words cannot express the beauty I saw and felt while reading this. Great job and Kudos, my friend, Kudos!
Tender, bitter sweet and beautiful. God bless.
A heart rending read. Well done for communicating the difficulties of 'letting go' so well. Yeggy
Excellent, excellent, excellent. Captures a million emotions with a few well chosen words. Congrats on a masterful piece!
Yes ...
Ok...I'm crying now. Beautifully put into words. Great job! Jo
Sniff...yes, yes...those eyes...the depth of love...

I recently had 60 seconds of heaven that I must tell you about. My 29-year-old daughter was very sick. Her dad and I happened to be visiting from out-of-state...her boys played loudly in the living room. I opened her bedroom door to see her sitting forlornly on the edge of her bed, hair stuck to her sweaty, feverish face. She looked so thin and shrunken to me. I walked quietly to her side, held her head against my chest, stroked her flowing auburn hair as in days of old...and whispered, "I always did covet your's so thick..."

It had been years and years since any such exchange, and yet she leaned into me and let me run my fingers through her hair as I cried some quiet baby came home for those few seconds. Then she pulled away and stood up, and sort of staggered out of the room to become the mom again in spite of her fever...and I let her...because that's the example I set for her years before.

Love...its sacrifice is so powerful.......and ongoing.