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I loved the style of your writing (very easy to read and entertaining) and the original angle as well. Thanks :)
Hilarious, yet written very well. A fun read. I want to read more of this fellow's adventures in church and elsewhere! Keep them coming!
Love it, thanks for the giggle.
Very funny - good job.
Funny, Funny! I laughed the hardest about the preacher that could scramble an egg even before the chicken laid it! Anyway, it was hilariously funny, and such an enjoyable and entertaining read! I too - can't wait for your "take" on the Noah story! Loved this one. This humor isn't sacriligious - as you never make fun of God...just characters like us. Great Job!!!!
Very funny!! If we can't laugh at ourselves, there's no hope! You definately should write a collumn somewhere? Do you have an online blog?
One minor thing in an otherwise very good piece. It has to do with agreement: "a man's aim … find HIS rest". Very enjoyable.
I loved it! Really fun.
This is great! Very well done -the humor is great :) (My Dad was never sleeping, he was "checking his eyelids for pinholes")
Funny! I loved the line where you said he was watching the Lions and the Bears... hehe. Another moral - Never go shopping while you are hungry. Good job!
My favorite part is the ending! Great humor and talented useage of words to accomplish this! An enjoyable a fun read. It tickles the innerds!
I enjoyed this from the title to the last word. It was so funny and well written. Great job! Thanks for the laugh.
Good job Kenny on placing in the top 30 entries! This peice was very entertaining, like usual. I think I've managed to spot your peice in "space."