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Quite a tribute! I feel like if I passed the Grandmother on the streets in heaven, I could point her out! Thanks for sharing.
The title enticed me in and I ended up smiling throughout this humorous story. Loved the grandmother's quirkiness: everyone needs a grandmother like that! Well done.
Hehe, I've gotten in trouble for laughing in moments like that, too. I enjoyed the glimpse of your grandmother!
I needed to smile and this article did just that. Well done, very well written.Catchy title too!
I want to be like your grandmother when I grow up! Where do you suppose she got that hula-dancer? On second thought, when I grow up...I want to write like you!!! This is great! Hurry up! Write some more!
I loved this from start to finish! Hope you win!
What a colorful character in your portrayal of the lighter side of life. Your descriptions were novel and made me laugh. The title says it all!
This article deserves to win!
I had just had to read this after I saw the title -and I wasn't disapointed!!! Wonderful! I was laughing right along :)
What a delightful woman. Glad you got the funny gene. Thanks for posting this slice of your life and reminding me not to take myself too seriously. Yeggy
Beautifully written. Full of character. made me smile. Laugh. Liked the way you ended it.
Great story, well written, and compelling to read. Your grandmother sounds a wise and interesting soul, and your writing a great tribute to her.
I wish she were my grandmother too! Sounds like she was alot of fun!
Great style, great writing. I very much enjoyed this!
Made me laugh and shudder all at the same time! loL! Good work!
I loved this! There were so many great lines throughout that made me laugh. You definitely have a way with words. Wonderful humor writing, yet a touching tribute to an obviously unforgettable woman. Great work!
Blessings, Lynda
Ditto! The Title snared me! You definitely are another Lewis Grizzard! If you don't know of him...then you won't realize this is a Very High compliment! When LG passed away, the newspaper lost it's appeal for me. His Syndicated Column was what sold papers in the South! You have a great talent...keep up the good work!
You KILL me, Kenny! What a wonderful tribute - and an AMAZINGLY hilarious telling. Thanks for pointing us this way.
Ken, this was excellent. That's the kind of grandma I want to that my grands will remember who loved life and loved THEM. Thanks for these precious memories. Hey, I think that's an old gospel quartet song... "Precious Memories...."