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Very Captivating. You can feel the tension and distress. Where's the link for page 2?
I really like how this story flows. You've put me in someone else's shoes. I saw depression from the inside. Scary place to be. You nailed it. Great writing.
Your next to the last paragraph was absolutely true, and the agony that Christians with depression face. The whole story is beautifully done.
I liked what you wrote. My husband and I are facing a similar scenerio this week due to a loss in the family..we try to help others and find that people are helping us and it feels so strange to accept it. I think you expressed her feelings realistically and brought it through great!Nice writing:)
The title "caught" my attention: however, I'm left hanging. No solutions, no answers, no ending. The Reader is left hanging. For a Reader - this is getting to the end of a book and having the last page missing. Very well written, however; but unfinished.
I like the snese of jumbled troubles... the track of the story kind of a frantic twisted mess. Good! I would have like to see the theme of pride played throughout, since ultimately she's battling that monster. But I like the unfinished feel of the ending. Good job!
I loved the roller coaster of thoughts in her mind and you wrote it so well the reader does not get lost. Good job!
One word response: REALISTIC. This is the reality of life for all of us at some point or another. I appreciate the transparency. :-)