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Very cute story! The only glitch is that I don't think "nary a glance right or left" is something a kid would say. I loved it, though!
An interesting story well told; and strangely enough, I used "nary" many times as a kid; "nary a penny nary a hair on his head" , etc. etc. many times. Perhaps it wasn't the best English, but I said it. Creative mind makes creative stories! Well done.
I loved this!! The voice reminded me of that movie where the guy had all those experiences..brain dead I am..anyways..I heard the voice from an adult relating a story from his past. And it was so well done! I just loved your style!Very creative!!
I give you a standing ovation! Your story is well-written and flows beautifully. The I can see what Smitty sees and feel what he feels; that is what I look for in a good story. Also, I really liked the way you ended the story with the sour ball. Endings can be tough, but you nailed this one. Excellent job!
Great! I love your narrator's voice. This story is light and charming.
Nice story! Don't you hate that word limit? I wanted to know more! I enjoyed it!
A lovely story -my favorite line -"I had to admit my mouth was mighty dry, after being scared spitless and all."
I remember a house like that when I was a kid. We rode our bikes by as fast as possible. Now I wish we had stopped. Wonderful story with a perfect ending!:0)
I loved this one too- beautifully written all over :)
Loved your 'voice' and the humour that had me smiling throughout. Good story and an enjoyable read. Well done.
Very well done! All the way round. I also used the word "nary" when I was a kid, still do sometimes! There is a hidden story/message in these vines! Love that!
God bless ya, littlelight
From your title to the story you told here, this was delightful. The dialogue really helped the story along. Loved the idea that Miz Ivy liked sour balls, too. Good writing!