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This is so beautiful and wonderfully written.
Great Job!
Lovely story
What a beautiful story! Touching, moving and so descriptive. The MC was filled with such anguish and your captured it so well. The entire piece was well written, well defined, and pleasant to read.

I especially loved the hope filled ending. It was so tender, it elicits emotions to the reader.

My kind of story, happy endings! Excellent writing and work.

Well done my friend, well done!

God bless you~
You've created characters with depth that draw emotion from the reader. I had to smile at ending that brought hope to two lonely souls. Nice work!
And chapter two reads???
This is a terrific opening for a whole new serial, with a powerful portrayal of what Sam was going through. Now we have to meet his neighbour....
A lovely, touching story leaving me wanting to know what happened next in the probable romance. My only (non-expert) suggestion is that you could have made it a little simpler without quite as much information given - but others will possibly not agree. Well done with this.
Yes, this was very good. A lovely story and well written. Stories that are full of human emotions are really the best. God bless you.
Hope springs eternal. Great story! Enjoyed it very much.
Oh I loved this, thorough writing and descriptions, I could see aa script/book here! and the ending so sweet! Great job!
Definitely needs a sequel!

The best way out of our pain is to help another out of theirs.
This is a great story. It's well written and is absolutely riveting. My only change, if it were me, is I would show it from Sam's viewpoint instead of telling it through narrative. I think that might help solve Ellen's comment above.

I also agree with Noel...where can we find chapter 2 and read the neighbor's story? :)

Great job!
This is sweet and tender. You managed to put two love stories in one well written ode to marriage and commitment. Thoroughly loved it.
Such a lovely and tender story!

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You really do well with these stories and, like so many comments, I would love you to bring out a book telling Sam's full story.

This is a super article that I thought would be a top 3 article. I love the message in this article that I know came from the Lord. You are a fantastic writer that the Lord has ordained. You are a wonderful friend that I am honored to have. I know in my heart that you will move up to the Master level on the date that the Lord has marked on his calendar.

God Bless!
Lovely! Emotions are well captured. Happy ending!