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Wonderful word pictures, I can still envision them in my mind. My favorites: the description of the elm tree, the dusky rose glow of the streetlights on the snow, "webs of shrub twigs and cedars" and "In this period of waiting all nature grows still". I can almost touch the stillness.
One or two things: In P.1 is it "bid" or "bade"? I've always used "bade", but I could be wrong.
Having just taught an English lesson on this subject, I would watch placement of phrases like "Stepping outside...". Was the air stepping outside, or were you? Although this doesn't sound silly like some misplaced phrases I have come across.
I liked the comparison of winter to death or a gestating womb and both being part of the same cycle. I loved the 5th paragraph with the thought of candles offering a glimmer of light in darkness. Your concluding thoughts offer much upon which to meditate during the Advent season. Thank you for sharing.
Your piece made me realize how much I've missed by moving south. The "quiet stillness" of winter as you described it. Never thought about how Really Quiet Winter is; beautiful first part, but when it came to "preachy" part...I hurriedly finished up. Very excellent WRITING.
Nice devotional peice. Winter to me, does seem to bring a peace and closeness-and alot of times the best of us. God bless ya, littlelight