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This topic just might be the biggest elephant in many families. It's sad! It's infuriating! But like Daphne and Angel, the only way to stop the molestation is for one or two to have the courage to speak up.

May God bless this message you're putting across.
Powerful, courageous and - sadly - too frequent to be just another story. Well done.
Wow this is stunning. It makes my heart hurt but is a topic that people need to read about and understand. Every so often we come across a news story about a girl who lied and falsely accused someone of molesting her for whatever reasons. My heart hurts when that happens because it makes it harder for people to believe your MC.It's not an easy thing to stand up and admit and as women we have to stand together in this. How wonderful that Jesus can take something so horrific and use it to glorify his name. He does do this often too. This is a powerful well-written piece and your transparency and honesty will free many.
What a clever use of the topic. You brought something to light that should never be hidden. The fact that Mental Illness was implicated made this a more powerful story because it's a plausible cop out. There will be countless cases of abuse where the accused person got away with it for just that reason. Great writing!
Nothing quite as sinister and evil as the molester and their protectors accusing the victims of being liars and "disturbed". The tone, setting and conflict was established early on in the piece which carried the reader's emotional empathy throughout the story of abuse, and came to a satisfying conclusion in exposing the perpetrators.
I can only echo the comments here. Yes, we do have similar backgrounds of pain, but isn't God wonderful for sending Jesus to hold us, heal us and restore us to our true Father . . .
A vivid account of the raw emotions encountered by all involved. Powerful descriptions. Your writing draws the reader into the story. A well written entry that tells the depravity of the human heart.
You certainly pushed those buttons in our hearts that scream for justice. I can't say that a little probation satisfactorily fills our need there. But I know the stigma will cling to the perpetrator forever.

Your elephant trumpeted loudly, through your MC's feelings. Good job! I've always enjoyed your work, so I could be a little biased, but I think this entry will do well. Have a Merry Christmas!
You beautifully addressed a very difficult topic. I admire the courage of Daphne and Angel. Wonderfully written and captivating.
This may be dark, but it's tastefully written and you did a great job with the topic. I love the way you ended it.