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Beautiful story of unconditional love. Thank you.
As the mom of an older "puppy", I can totally relate to this story. Thanks for reminding to be extra-patient with my extra-special friend.
Oh my goodness...tearing up here! What a great tribute to your pup!

I love my pup so much (he's ten) and I remember the moment I saw him, three pounds, and scampering all over the place. I picked him up and fell in love! I see him slowly aging, but so am I. I'm not as young as I was ten years ago. So, it's nice to grow old together. God willing he'll be around for many more years.

The endless and unconditional love they give is beyond words, and no one but an animal lover or "owner" can understand the depth of love they give us through the years.

Thanks for this story and keep loving your "little guy" and enjoy every single moment...I know I will mine.

God bless~
On topic and a fun read. Well done.
A joyous read for all pet lovers! I enjoyed it very much. Well written.
SO happy you received an EC!

I loved this whole story.

Congrats! God Bless~
Ummm this one hit close to home. We just lost the last member of our one time pack of 4 dogs.
He was always my special favorite since he adopted us-just showing up one day and sticking around for the next 10 years. Big, bold, and beautiful was our Husky Bleu.
He too lost functions near the end and I too became impatient, oh gee here come the tears. Yikes it was 3 weeks ago today he died and it just became fresh all over again.
Thank you for this beautiful tribute and reminder.
Show him you love him till the end. He deserves it, just like you said!
Belated congratulations, Wilma, for a heart-warming, well-written story, and for your EC win.