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Hilarious! Who knew? Reads like a true story so I feel safe assuming this. Did the little fella ever come back? With friends?

This is absolutely delightful.
Oh, this is GREAT, and I can relate. :)
Awww...God Bless you for setting him free without harm.

My sister had not one, but a whole family in her attic! The mom came in, had her babies, and my sister didn't have the heart to get them out. So, when they were old enough...she got her friend to do the honors of escorting them to their"New home"- a protected forest about ten miles away. They scurried away...but the mom stopped and looked at my sister, as if to say, "thanks for letting us stay so long."

Good story, thanks.

God bless~
Haha! Yes most cable wires are made with extracts from milk/calcium powder. This is what rodents (friendly or not) are chewing them for. Working for an electrician I came across a lot of lighting cables with teeth marks.
Congratulations my friend! So well-deserved. Excellent job.

God bless you~
And an EC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
God bless~
Wonderful! Congratulations... Well-deserved!
Lynn, what a truly delightful tale this is. A well deserved congratulations to you.
Oh I loved this story. You had me on the edge of my seat and that's not easy to do with a squirrel story! I have heard they have excellent homing skills though so you may not want to sigh in relief too soon! :) Congratulations on your EC!! I'm doing a wild super Happy Dance just for you! (My husband shot me a funny look when I whoo-hooed and spun around in the chair, but you're worth it:)
Congratulations on the Editor's Choice award! I enjoyed the story and can relate to your feelings of sympathy. My husband caught a pack rat that was surprisingly timid and cute. I pleaded for its life and we drove it many miles away and set the little fellow free.